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WIPS/Cancelled WIPS:

Arthur Read

I'm Using Kung Fu Man As A Template,

With Original Coding.

I Need Help With Mugenfan, Jedipolice, rapthemonkey9, And Zobbes To Add New Attacks.

Like Strikers, Buster, Binky, Francine, Muffy, And D.W.

And An Attack Taken From rapthemonkey9's Arthur Read, Call The D.W.'s.

And The Shun Goku Satsu, And The Falcon Punch.

I Edited Mugenfan's Arthur Sprites.

Status: On Hiatus

Symbiote Gumball

I'm Making A New Version Of My Symbiote Gumball,

With Custom Portraits,

I Needed Help Returning The Shun Goku Satsu And The

Heavy Rock Throw to the CMD File.

I'm Gonna Need Lots Of Help With Mugenfan, rapthemonkey9, Jedipolice And Zobbes

to Add These 2 Hypers to The CMD File of Symbiote Gumball V4.

Status: On Hiatus

Clifford The Big Red Dog

I'm Going to Use Kung Fu Man As A Base Template

With Original Coding.

Status: On Hiatus

Toopy (Toopy And Binoo)

I Making Him For MUGEN By Using Kung Fu Man As A Base.

Status: On Hiatus


I'm Using Kung Fu Man As A Base,

With Lots of Extra Coding!

I Edited Ivan Luiz's Mordecai Sprites.

I Added Win Quotes, A Win Portrait,

And New Sounds!

Status: On Hiatus

Hyper Orochi Barney

I'm Making A Cheap Hyper Ultra Barney, It Would Be

Better And Cheaper Than A487561's Barney!

Status: On Hiatus

Plunger Guy


Status: On Hiatus

Dark Pocket Sakura

It's A Cheap Edit of Kong's Pocket Sakura,

She'll Be A CVS Styled Character And Has An AI Like

Dark Donald, Because She'll Play Like Dark Donald

When She Has An AI Like That!

Status: On Hiatus

Andre Riddick (V2.1)

I'm Updating One Of My Friends At School

For MUGEN, With A New AI And New Hypers And


Status: On Hiatus

Future WIPS/T.B.A. WIPS:

Megaraptor (Warpath Jurassic Park)

Pete The Cat

Classic Noah (NoahPingu)

Spongebob Squarepants

I'm Making A Very Good Spongebob!

Patrick Star

I'm Making A Better And Decent Patrick

It Will Have Sounds Like MisdreavusLord159's MVC Patrick

It Will Be Better Than MisdreavusLord159's Version.

Josh Geary V5.4

I'm Remaking Myself For MUGEN

It Will Have My Hi-Res Sprites.

And It Will Not Be An Edit of The Pocket Template This Time.


I'm Making Squidward For MUGEN!

I Bet My Squidward Sprites Will Be Better Than Warioman's!

Omega God Pocked Morrigan

I Bet She'll Play Like Omega God Ken And

Omega God Ryu!

And She'll Have Darker Palletes.

Wakko Warner

This Version Will Use

Custom Sprites.

Geo Guy

I'm Making The Very 1st Version Of Geo Guy!


I'm Going to Make Franklin For M.U.G.E.N.